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Pioneering work for women

My name is Jaguar Yolande Alice Carrell

I am the creatrix and founder of The Women School.

My life’s work so far has been to recover feminine wisdom, women’s knowledge and pathways of The Goddess that have been long forgotten. I am a specialist “midwife of the soul” – creating the spaces for people to birth their soul essence fully into life.

An integral part of it all is the embodiment of the uniqueness of YOUR soul, reverence to the Feminine in all of life, deep honouring of our health, our selves as part of nature, and our inherent worthiness.

I am an educator, therapist, birth professional, artist, spiritual person and change maker with a passion for the feminine awakening in our world today.


In my pioneering work as the founder of a feminine inspirational and educational platform – The Women’s School, and as a Feminine Wisdom professional, I have brought together all my life experience of womanhood, feminine rites of passage, professional birth attendance and pregnancy support, the soul pathways of birth, Medicine Woman wisdom, creativity, art, dance, movement, yoga, conscious sexuality, meditation, natural health care, body & trauma therapies, holistic healing, and the mystical pathways of the feminine.

A colourful ride

My own life has been a rich, colourful ride with an enormous amount of incredible adventures, massive challenges, beautiful awakenings and deep love. I have had a lifelong passion for all things soul and a deep commitment to the feminine revolution happening now.

My life blood pulsates for us women, for the children being born now, for the feminine within us all and for more love on the planet, that is our home.

My aim is to create spaces of true recognition of the value and importance of the soul and the feminine, as well as an integrative approach to feminine centred education and the creation of new career pathways for women – within the feminine healing fields.

Because relationships have been a pivotal part of my life path and because they are a vital element of many women’s lives, you will find services for couples, intimate relationship and heart healing space for yourself here. Relationships carry great potential for inner & outer transformation. You can receive support here for your love relationships when you need it. Learning and healing spaces around the themes of love, intimacy, sexuality and sensuality are such an important aspect of feminine healing work and many of our lives.

We also provide comprehensive support throughout all journeys of conception, family creation, pregnancy, birth processes of all kinds and processes of loss.

All aspects of our lives can serve as vehicles for our spiritual growth – and birth is one massive one.

The way I approach birth is two fold – a deep understanding of our physical births as well as the fact that birth is a cosmic energy which works within us as a creative principle, transformative force and a potential spiritual pathway.

I have delved into the world of birth from many angles, integrating a wide range of perspectives into the work that I offer here. Physically, emotionally and spiritually birth offers us keys that can open doorways into women’s wisdom – the wisdom of birth that lives in all of our bones. Birth teaches us about the feminine mysteries and is a gateway into feminine wisdom.

This deeper, unspeakable wisdom is what my life has been about, as a midwife of the soul.

Uncovering the magic that lies within our Feminine Rites of Passage in general and the birth of our soul in particular.

Providing educational spaces of learning and growth in these times of change is a main aspect of my work and the spectrum of learning is interdisciplinary in nature, in order to link the many fold aspects that come together when we begin truly working in the feminine field.

And Yes – there is a space for men here too … as the Feminine weaves through all of our blood, bones and soul make-ups.

With heart, with love, with passion and much aroha,


Want to know more?

I happen to be a Capricorn (sun sign) so my professional pathway has been an important one. I like climbing mountains.

I am also a Shaman-ess, following that path since a young age – so life’s lessons have been of the deep kind.

The call of the soul and the lessons of life are not always straight lines – as we all know.

A myriad of synchronicities, heart whisperings, failures, endings, new beginnings, successes, wild-hearted endeavours and really intense initiations have paved the way for this pioneering work which is part of the revolutionary awakening of women happening right now in our lifetimes.

Ascendant Libra. So I love balance, beauty and the harmony of things. You will notice this in many things I do, like the rituals.

My moon node is in Cancer. Together with some other snazzy alignments, this means that part of my soul purpose is to bring a nourishing, feminine centred, soul home and work for and in alignment with the divine mother in service to other beings. I am a women’s health and everything feminine expert – but of the avant-garde soul kind.

My Saturn is in Scorpio – that explains the Kali connection. It also means there is plenty of transformation happening in this work!

Formal Things

Further education I am currently involved in:

  • Further education 2021: Ongoing online study under Sharon Blackie; the “Birth, Breath and Death Institute”, under Tara Brach and Internal Family Systems Therapy. Personal self study deepening of Hakomi Therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy. Self directed study around the nervous system and trauma with Kimberly Ann Johnson, Deb Dana and other current explorers in the field.
  • Mindful Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

Here’s a list of the trainings I officially completed :

  • Loving, Dying and Letting Go online course through “The Birth, Breath and Death Institute”, completed August 2021
  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss online course through “The Birth, Breath and Death Institute”, completed March 2021
  • Body As Voice – trauma informed dance therapy, professional further training with Amber Gray, December 2019 – February 2020 (Nelson, New Zealand) Modules 1 & 2.
  • 2019 Medicine Woman Retreat with Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, Taupo New Zealand
  • The Contemporary Yoga & Opti-Mum 100-Hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (Auckland, New Zealand, October – November 2019, certified June 2020)
  • DJ Training with Kimberely Jade, Auckland New Zealand – April 2019
  • The Contemporary Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Auckland, New Zealand – certification completed in May 2018)
  • Medicine Woman Shaman New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand – 2017 completion of apprenticeship process) – completion of formal training in 2020 having started in 2011.
  • Original Voice Training with Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Colorado, USA, 2016)
  • Registered Health Practitioner – Heilpraktikerin (Berlin, Germany 2015 completion)
  • Body oriented Trauma Therapy, certified by Utah Akademie, Köln (Cologne, Germany 2015 – 2016)
  • Women’s Health, Healing & Herbs (International 2004 – 2016)
  • Spinning Babies Intensive Day (Berlin, Germany 2016)
  • Spiritual Midwifery (Spirituelle Geburtsbegleiterin with Sita Kleinert, Switzerland 2011 – 2012)
  • Medicine Woman Healer Certificate (with Medicine Woman – Franchelle Ofsoske Wyber, NZ 2011 – 2012) – formal completion of apprenticeship process 2020.
  • Rite of the 6 Moons with Medicine Woman New Zealand, Franchelle Ofsoske Wyber (2011)
  • Doula (Paramana Doula, Michel Odent & Lilianna Lammers, UK & internationally ongoing training 2009 – 2016)
  • A large variety of specialised health, healing, birth, yoga, dance and women’s related workshops and seminars (2000 – now)
  • Nutrition Cert. (Natural Health NZ 2007)
  • Natural Health Cert. (Natural Health NZ 2007)
  • Children’s Yoga teacher (Radiant Child Yoga Level 1, 2007)
  • Cranio sacral therapist (Wellpark College, Auckland, NZ 2006 – 2007)
  • Remedial Massage Therapist (Wellpark College, Auckland, NZ 2005 – 2006)
  • R.E.S.E.T – Balance the Jaw – Balance The Body – Level 1 certificate (2005)
  • Professional Seamstress (Germany 2000 – 2004)
  • ongoing Yoga training and practice (International since 2004 – now)
  • Ongoing Shamanic training & initiations since the age of 19 (international 2002 – now)
  • Sacred Sexuality Training & initiations since the age of 19 (international 2002 – now)
  • regular schooling
  • I also receive ongoing personal and professional mentorship as part of my regular practice and working structures. This mentorship is in the fields of energy medicine, spiritual growth, shamanic pathways, psychology, astrology, birth and holistic health.


I hope to the Goddess that we will create systems that are more feminine friendly (yes – HONOURING!) and that institutions and education of the future will be a wholesome blend of what really matters to our hearts, souls, bodies & minds.

My contribution is the Women’s School. My wish is to provide resources for women to develop and grow, personally and professionally within the field of the Feminine and to gain a better understanding of themselves at all levels. The Women’s School is a professional Training establishment that offers comprehensive courses and Trainings, as well as providing open classes to the public offering resources in the fields of feminine health, soul awakening, personal empowerment, pregnancy and birth.

As new career paths are being seeded and we prepare for a new generation of Feminine Professionals, in The Women’s School we aim to integrate physical, emotional, academic, creative and spiritual pathways in order to be able to fully encompass what feminine learning and pathways are all about. As The Women’s School develops, more pathways are becoming available, allowing for a rich and diverse platform of learning. Our approach is interdisciplinary in nature and thought to expand in time.


Twists and Turns

There is also a couple of things  that I left early, and learnt a lot from on the way :

  • Bachelor of Midwifery – after some time travelling around the world visiting midwives I enrolled in a Bachelor of Midwifery in 2010 and studied full time for half of it. I immersed myself in the midwifery world and learnt an immense amount as a student midwife. I had ongoing practical experience in the field, apprenticeships, international conferences and also international exposure to the midwifery world. I then chose to continue walking the path of working for women, pregnancy and birth in a different way, leaving the university and developing my work in another direction.
  • Tailoring apprenticeship – when I was very young I wanted to do something creative and was actually involved in tailoring, dressmaking, costume and fashion design for 4 years! Without completing the apprenticeship entirely I then went on dance, yoga, natural health, cleansing practices and lots of time in nature to get clearer on what my soul really wanted to do.
  • Clowning – I was part of a travelling circus in Italy in my teenage years after leaving school and continued following this interest for various years. The combination of soul processes on stage, the archetypal stories of the clown, the performing aspects and the artistic lifestyle led me to develop in fire dance, clowning and acrobatics. With a few twists and turns, I realised that my interest was somehow not coming to deep fulfilment – I dived deeper into dance, then song and poetry.

The artistic lifestyle has woven its way through almost everything I touch.

Artistic & Embodiment training:

  • Vocal training amongst others through: Anna & Carthegelius (Ecuador 2008); Anastasia Moana (2008, Finland); Peruqoise (2011, NZ), Tui Mamaki (2012 – now NZ) & Sonja Drakulitsch (2020 Online)
  • Dance training in the following modalities: Butoh (2006 – 2007, SOUL Center Auckland New Zealand; Subbody Butoh School Mc Leod Ganj India); 5 Rhythms (from 2004 onwards, International); Anna Halprin Movement Ritual (2004 – 2005, Germany); Modern Dance (Auckland Dance School 2007, NZ); Contact Improvisation (from 2004 onwards, International); Hip Hop (2006 – 2007, NZ), Capoeira (2003 – 2007, International); Belly Dance Basics (from 2005 onwards); Qoya (from 2012 onwards); Open Floor (2020, NZ).
  • Writing Course 2020, Wellington Victoria University

Spiritual things

I have travelled enough and dived into myself, seen the spiritual worlds (inner and outer expressions) to know that our feminine spiritual pathways up to now are still vastly underrepresented.

And that there is a lot of spiritual trickery out there. The spiritual world is just as complex as the material one, and discernment is vital.

Here there is a sacred space for an authentic Feminine Spiritual pathway in your own unique way, on your own terms.


Feminine learning

The development of true feminine pathways is not something I found in most of the institutions I was a student in.

I feel that we are just beginning to bring back some of this knowledge and fully value it for the immense worth it can bring to us, our healing and our world. Currently, much of this learning is an INNER pathway.

Here in this work and world of The Women School – I have made some of these inner pathways accessible to you in a more tangible way, going hand in hand with valuable OUTER information, so that you can bring the two worlds together.


And Finally…

I speak English, Deutsch and Espanol.

I was born in New Zealand with European (Germany, England, Ireland, Hebrides Islands, Spain) and South American (Chilean) roots.

I have travelled the world in the past 20 years and lived in many places.

My personal interests are pretty wide covering everything from dance, movement, music, song, nature, amazing food, great literature, meditation, travel, sacred sexuality, silence, yoga, nature, wonderful friends to the comforts of home and luxury of raw cacao, the adventures of our world and the mysteries of the inner worlds. These interests have taken me on some wild rides.

So I am a muti-cultured internationally bred feminine revolutionary.

Would you like to get in touch?